Minutes of meeting 2/2/15

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 02 February 2015

Present: Mr Ormston, Mrs O’Kane, Mrs Bolam, Mr Stripp, Mr Kenny.

1 Apologies for absence: None

2 Minutes of previous meeting 15 December 2014: Examined and approved.

3 Matters arising

Clerk to check whether an answer has been received to the letter about timber routes and chase one up if not.

The council expressed its satisfaction at the fact that the NCC had carried out the necessary maintenance work to the roadside pants and the drainage at Rockey’s hall without any prompting.

Mrs Bolam has replied to the letter from Mr and Mrs Edmondson about the cattle grid outside Holystone Burn Cottage.

4 Finance

Bank balance £1794

5 Planning

Mrs Bolam and Mr Kenny will finalise the response to the NCC Core Strategy plan and circulate it to the other councillors for comment. When everyone is happy, the clerk to forward it to the planning department before the imminent deadline.

6 Commemoration of Haizel Young

The council approved a design for a stone seat near the bus shelter in Sharperton to be constructed by Kevin Milburn at no charge when he has the time.

7 Any other business

Margaret Ranken is retiring as Clerk after the next meeting. Mrs Bolam will speak to Susan Rogerson about filling the post.

Clerk to write a letter to Alan Beith MP, copied to Grant Davey, leader of the council, expressing the council’s dissatisfaction at the lack of progress on the reinstatement of the road following the Cragend landslip and asking whether he can apply any pressure to speed up progress.

The ice on the road at Rockey’s Hall appears to have been cured by the drainage works mentioned above.

The lack of an accessible defibrillator in Harbottle has been raised with councillors. Clerk to write to Harbottle Surgery asking if they would consider having theirs mounted on the wall of the village hall so that it is accessible outside surgery hours.

8 Date of next meeting – March 2nd 2015 7.30pm.


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