Minutes of meeting 15 Dec 2014

Minutes of meeting held 15 December 2014

1/ Present: Mrs Bolam, Mr Kenny, Mrs O’Kane, Mr Ormston, Mr Stripp.

2/ Minutes of previous meeting 10.11.14 were approved and signed

3/ Matters arising: None

4/ Finance

The cash book shows a balance of £1,794.

5/ Planning

14/03596/OUT Amani Acre Sharperton; comments have been submitted to NCC. There were particular concerns over the height of any replacement building.

A copy of the new local core strategy was received.

6/ Commemoration of Haizel Young

Mr Stripp had discussed a design with Mac Young and Kevin Milburn who would donate stone and labour respectively, with only the cost of sand and cement falling to the council.

7/ AOB

a) Newly agreed timber transport routes were unsuitable and the clerk should write to NCC

b) Mr Kenny enquired about maintenance of roadside pants. Mungo’s Well at Holystone is maintained by villagers; that above Town Head in Harbottle is neglected now, and Mr Stripp will ask Kevin Milburn to carry out maintenance.

c) Mrs Bolam will respond to an email from Mrs Edmundson complaining about noise from the cattle grid by Holystone Burn.

d) Work to re-open the road at Cragend has ceased. Clerk to write to Grant Davey.

e) Noted that fibre broadband is now available within Harbottle village only.

9/ Next meeting 2 February 2015


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