Minutes of meeting 1 Sept 2014

1/ Present
Mrs Bolam, Mr Ormston, Mr Stripp.
Apologies were received from Mrs O’Kane and Mr Kenny.

2/ Minutes of previous meeting were approved and signed

3/ Matters arising: none

4/ Finance
The bank statement now shows a balance of £1,462.12
Payment of two month’s salary to Margaret Ranken, now withdrawing as clerk, was approved in the sum of £55.
The clerk was asked to arrange a delivery of flowers to thank the internal auditor and to cancel the standing order in favour of Margaret Ranken.
An additional audit fee of £40 has been incurred but not yet invoiced.

5/ Planning
The clerk was asked to write to the planning authority about apparent intended resumption of residential use of the goat shed at the Conifers.
Noted that consent has been granted for solar panels at Ovenstones.

6/ Correspondence
a) A blocking reply has been received from NCC about school transport for 16 to 19 year-olds
b) A joint meeting with NCC is planned for 13 October. To be revisited then.
c) An email offering training had been previously circulated.
d) The clerk was asked to request a meeting to investigate road repair and closure plans

7/ AOB
Councillors appointed Julian Philipson as acting clerk, Margaret Ranken being unable at present to fill the post.
Mrs Bolam asked members to consider what other means could be found to commemorate Haizel Young’s long service on the council.
Mr Stripp asked members to reconsider a message received about a register of potential building sites.

8/ Next meeting 6 October 2014


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