Agenda for meeting 2nd Feb 2015

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday February 2nd 2015 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

1/ Apologies for absence
2/ Minutes of previous meeting 15th December 2014
3/ Matters arising
4/ Finance
    Bank balance £1,794
5/ Planning
    Response to Core Strategy consultation
6/ Commemoration of Haizel Young
    Memorial seat at Sharperton
7/ Any other business
    Appointment of Clerk
    Apparent lack of progress on remedial work at Cragend landslip
    Ice on road and drive at Rockeys Hall
8/ Date of next meeting


Minutes of meeting 10 Nov 2014

1/ Present
Mrs Bolam, Mr Kenny, Mrs O’Kane, Mr Ormston, Mr Stripp.

2/ Minutes of previous meeting 6.10.14 were approved and signed

3/ Matters arising:
Mr Kenny has spoken to Tom Burston who advises contacting Anthony Braithwaite at NE Farming Affairs Network to canvass for local needs. It is suggested we work with Alwinton and Netherton and request a meeting in the new year.
Objections to removal of the phone box in Sharperton have been lodged with NCC.

4/ Finance
It was resolved to make a precept of £980, noting that about £500 might be needed to pay for a memorial for Haizel Young.
The cash book now shows a balance of £1,794.

5/ Planning
The email from NCC planners concerning the local core strategy was noted.

6/ Roads
Road repairs in Harbottle had been carried out with good results, though there is a large drop-off at the edge of the tarmac in places on Rockey’s Hall bank. Ann Dun is organising a letter of thanks from villagers, and the clerk should also write.

7/ Commemoration of Haizel Young
The clerk had opened consultations with property owners adjoining the road verge at Sharperton with a view to erecting a seat there. Mr Stripp will now sketch a design for a seat in stone, discuss it with Mac Young, and get costs from Kevin Milburn with a guide price not exceeding £500.

8/ AOB
Mr Ormston will pass to Margaret Ranken a document concerning NULAG funds which might finance mobile phone signal upgrades.
The clerk to see if Netherton PC wish support in their response to a planning application at Wilkinson Park.
The clerk to draft a letter to be delivered to owners of property in Harbottle whose bushes overhang the pavement,

9/ Next meeting 15 December 2014

Minutes of meeting 6 Oct 2014

1/ Present
Mrs Bolam, Mr Kenny, Mr Ormston, Mr Stripp.
Apologies were received from Mrs O’Kane.

2/ Minutes of previous meeting 1.9.14 were approved and signed

3/ Matters arising: none

4/ Finance
The audited accounts and the external auditor’s report thereon were received.
The bank statement now shows a balance of £1,952.12, the second half precept having been received.
Payment of £40 for audit fees was approved, and a donation of £55 to the Air Ambulance.

5/ Planning
14/02869/FUL and 14/0270/LBC Orangery at Peels: supported
14NP084 extension at Holystone Grange Cottages: supported
14NP085 kennel conversion at Holystone Grange Cottages: no objections
It was noted that Harden Quarry is applying for planning consent for an extension.

6/ Roads
Councillors had met with Highways to obtain better information concerning road repairs and closures planned to start in Harbottle on 27.10.14.
Mr Stripp had joined a visit to the Cragend landslip site, where drainage works are now complete and the contract is due to be awarded very soon, with work completed by August 2015.
Mr Kenny will speak to Tom Burston to see if Pillar II funds can be directed towards transport infrastructure.

7/ Correspondence
Nothing of note.

8/ AOB
It was suggested that a seat to commemorate Haizel Young might be erected on the roadside at Sharperton, the land being part of the common. The clerk to start consultation with adjoining property owners.
BT intends to remove the public call box at Sharperton. The clerk to lodge an objection.

9/ Next meeting 10 November 2014

Minutes of meeting 1 Sept 2014

1/ Present
Mrs Bolam, Mr Ormston, Mr Stripp.
Apologies were received from Mrs O’Kane and Mr Kenny.

2/ Minutes of previous meeting were approved and signed

3/ Matters arising: none

4/ Finance
The bank statement now shows a balance of £1,462.12
Payment of two month’s salary to Margaret Ranken, now withdrawing as clerk, was approved in the sum of £55.
The clerk was asked to arrange a delivery of flowers to thank the internal auditor and to cancel the standing order in favour of Margaret Ranken.
An additional audit fee of £40 has been incurred but not yet invoiced.

5/ Planning
The clerk was asked to write to the planning authority about apparent intended resumption of residential use of the goat shed at the Conifers.
Noted that consent has been granted for solar panels at Ovenstones.

6/ Correspondence
a) A blocking reply has been received from NCC about school transport for 16 to 19 year-olds
b) A joint meeting with NCC is planned for 13 October. To be revisited then.
c) An email offering training had been previously circulated.
d) The clerk was asked to request a meeting to investigate road repair and closure plans

7/ AOB
Councillors appointed Julian Philipson as acting clerk, Margaret Ranken being unable at present to fill the post.
Mrs Bolam asked members to consider what other means could be found to commemorate Haizel Young’s long service on the council.
Mr Stripp asked members to reconsider a message received about a register of potential building sites.

8/ Next meeting 6 October 2014