Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 07 July 201

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 07 July 2014
Present: Mr Ormston, Mrs O’Kane, Mrs Bolam. Mr Stripp
1 Apologies for absence: Mr Kenny
2 Minutes of previous meeting 09 June 2014: Examined and approved.
3 Matters arising Letter about Post-16 transport to be emailed, so it gets there before Friday’s meeting.
Still no reply to the letter about the Cragend Landslip
Clerk authorised to use special delivery if necessary to get the Annual Return in on time.
4 Finance
Bank balance £1603.49
The council agreed to renew the NALC subscription at £58.87
5 Planning
The Follions Wind Turbine appeal was refused on landscape grounds.
Mrs Bolam to provide the Clerk with an electronic copy of her letter to the planning department
6 Correspondence
The council is disappointed not to be able to donate a tree to Harbottle Castle car park in memory of Haizel Young and will think about an alternative.
Consultation on Local Transport Plan: Clerk to email to say road maintenance is the priority in this parish.
Parish councillor/clerk training: Mr Stripp to circulate a booklet about Parish Council responsibilities.
7 Any other business
8 Date of next meeting – September 1st 2014 7.30pm.


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