Minutes from 09/06/14

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 09 June 2014

Present: Mr Ormston, Mrs O’Kane, Mr Kenny, Mrs Bolam.

1 Apologies for absence: Mr Stripp

2 Minutes of previous meeting 12 May 2014: Examined and approved.

3 Matters arising Mrs Bolam’s letter to the planning department was approved.

No replies yet to the letter to the National Park about donating a beech tree for the Harbottle Castle car park, or the letter to the County Council about the Cragend Landslip.

4 Finance

Bank balance £1785.99

5 Planning

Mrs Bolam withdrew from the meeting as the NNPA planning applications were discussed.

Solar Panels, Ovenstones 14NP0045 Clerk to email to say the council has no objections.

Garden House Harbottle 14NP0046 Clerk to email to say the council has no objections.

6 Correspondence

The council does not wish to make any nominations for the Love Northumberland awards.

7 Any other business

The Clerk was asked to write to the DCMS asking for assurances that a mobile mast for Harbottle is still on the list for the BDUK roll-out and to the NNPA and the NCC asking for their support in lobbying the DCMS.

The council is unhappy about the newly introduced charges for Post-16 school transport and Mrs O’Kane will draft a letter to the leader of the NCC asking that they be withdrawn.

The council will continue to publish minutes of its meetings on the Internet the day after they have been approved and not before.

8 Date of next meeting – July 7th 2014 7.30pm.


Agenda for 07/07/14

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday July 7th 2014 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.


1/ Apologies for absence

2/ Minutes of previous meetings 14/06/14 and 29/06/14

3/ Matters arising

4/ Finance

  • Bank balance

  • NALC subscription

5/ Planning

  • Letter to planning dept

6/ Correspondence

  • Reply from National Park

  • Consultation on Local Transport Plan

  • Parish councillor/clerk training

7/ Any other business

8/ Date of next meeting