Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting 12/05/14


The annual parish meeting will be held on Monday 12 May 2014 at 8.00 in the village hall.

The public are invited to attend and raise any matter of concern within the parish.


1/ Minutes of last meeting 13.5.13

2/ Chairman’s report

3/ Any other business


The annual meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 12 May 2014
in the Village Hall following the Parish Meeting.


1/ Apologies for absence

2/ Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

3/ Minutes of previous meeting 07/04/14

4/ Matters arising

5/ Finance

  • Bank balance

  • Donation to hospice in memory of Haizel Young

  • Insurance renewal

6/ Planning

  • No current applications

7/ Correspondence

  • Town and Parish Council website questionnaire (email 30/04)

  • NULAG big chat Rothbury June 5th (email 23/04)

8/ Any other business

  • Meeting re Cragend Landslip

  • Letters of thanks to Chris Rose and Neil Angus

9/ Date of next meeting


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