Minutes of meeting 4-11-13

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 4 November 2013

Present: Mr Stripp, Mr Ormston, Mrs O’Kane, Mr Kenny Mrs Bolam.

1 Apologies for absence: none

2 Minutes of previous meeting 7 October 2013: Examined and approved.

3 Matters arising

Conifers planning meeting: clerk to check the date and let Mrs Bolam and Mr Kenny know

Mr Stripp received a letter from Alan Beith about the progress on roads and since then some potholes have been filled and there are new road signs.

Mr Ormston and Mr Stripp attended the joint parish and county council meeting.

  • Road conditions were discussed with Louise Heywood currently in charge of county highways who seemed helpful but said that priority is given to A and B roads. Mr Stripp has written to point out that Harbottle parish council has no A and B roads, that the county council has a statutory obligation to maintain highways and that zero maintenance is not an option.

  • Bus service was discussed with Ian Coe – Mr Stripp subsequently received another letter from Alan Beith about bus services. The county council is only allowed to subsidise buses adapted for disabled access.

Follions wind turbine letter: copy sent to Follions action group to forward to their planning consultant.

4 Finance

Clerk received payment of £82.50

Bank balance £1522.21

5 Planning

Land North East of Charity House Sharperton 13/03041/REM: clerk to send email saying no objections

Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy: the council is concerned that insufficient priority is being given to issues that affect rural areas and Mrs Bolam and Mr Kenny will draft a submission.

6 Correspondence

NEED bus service request for donation: the council does not think that subsidising bus services is the parish’s responsibility but will keep this under review

7 Any other business

Litter bins: the village hall bin will be put in the bus shelter

Lobbying for use of Airwave mast sites for wireless broadband: Ms Ranken as expert explained that OFCOM and DCMS are relying on mobile operators to provide high speed broadband to areas like Harbottle, Airwave mast sites could help coverage and the Airwave contract is currently being renegotiated. She will draft letters on behalf of council to Alan Beith, DCMS, DCLG, OFCOM, Home Office and contact other rural broadband groups.

A council representative has discussed the livestock on the road at Wood Hall with the police.

Trail bikes nuisance to be raised with the police.

8 Date of next meeting – December 2nd 7.30pm

Police representative to be invited