Minutes of meeting 02-09-13


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 2 September 2013

Present: Mr Stripp, Mrs Bolam, Mr Ormston, Mrs O’Kane, Mr Kenny.

1 Apologies for absence none

2 Minutes of previous meeting 1 July 2013: Examined and approved.

3 Matters arising

The conifers: the planning sub-committee held a meeting and an objection letter was sent to the planning department. The clerk was asked to enquire when it will be considered by the committee and find the planning officer’s report on the website when it is published and any other responses.

Three of the parish councillors attended the application for a licence for Holystone Lodge, which was granted with conditions.

The pothole audit is ongoing.

The website problem has been resolved.

The clerk reported that the auditor thanked the council for the flowers.

4 Finance

Bank Balance: £1114.71

Clerk paid £82.50.

The councillors completed the forms to change the signatories on the bank account.

5 Planning

Footpath diversion in Sharperton, Clerk to send an email saying no objections.

Clerk to ask the clerk to Hepple council to let her know when the Holystone Lodge planning application is submitted.

Mr Stripp reported that the Charity Hall mast was granted permission on appeal.

6 Correspondence

Dial-a-ride request for subsidy: the clerk was asked to send an email explaining that the precept is too low to make a meaningful contribution.

Dog poo posters, the council will not request additional posters.

Credit union was not judged to be relevant to Harbottle.

The council will not attend or make submissions for the NALC AGM

The council has no relevant priorities for the Local Transport Plan

7 Any other business

The clerk to write to the Highways department passing on the list of potholes and other problems with road maintenance in the parish.

The clerk to write to the leader of the council expressing the councillors view that the current system of maintaining roads is not working.

Biddlestone Quarry liaison group has not met this year, Mr Stripp will speak to the quarry manager about reviving it.

8 Date of next meeting – Parish Council Meeting Monday 7 October in the village hall


Agenda for meeting October 7th 2013


Monthly meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Monday 7 October 2013
in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.


1/ Apologies for absence

2/ Minutes of previous meeting 02/09/13

3/ Matters arising

4/ Finance

  • Bank balance

5/ Planning

  • Mast at Follions appeal ref 2204271
  • Holystone Lodge change of use ref 13/02879/COU
  • Orangery at the Peels ref 13/02867/FUL
  • Conservatory at Ovenstone ref 13NP0088

6/ Correspondence

  • Air ambulance request for donation
  • Joint County Council and Parish Council Meeting
  • Harden Quarry Liaison Meeting
  • Avonline Satellite Broadband

7/ Any other business

  • Dog poo bin
  • Defibrillator progress

8/ Date of next meeting