Notice of Conclusion of Audit

The audit for the year ended 31 March 2013 was completed on 02 September 2013 and the accounts are now available for inspection by local electors in accordance with Section 14 of the Audit Commission Act 1998.

To arrange a viewing please contact the clerk, Margaret Ranken on 650281 or complete the contact form below, before October 1st.


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 1 July 2013

Present: Mr Stripp, Mrs Bolam, Mr Ormston, Mrs O’Kane.

1 Apologies for absence none

2 Minutes of previous meeting 13 May 2013: Examined and approved.

3 Matters arising

The chairman welcomed Mrs O’Kane to the council.

Website: The clerk was asked to write to John Rayner asking that the page on be amended to remove the out of date information and insert a link to the new site.

4 Finance

Bank Balance: £1222.21

Any payments required: Flowers and Foliage £25

Councillors signed a standing order to pay the clerk £82.50 quarterly.

The clerk was asked to obtain the necessary forms to change the signatories on the bank account.

5 Planning

The clerk was asked to email the enforcement officer saying that the council is keen to have a response to its letters about the Conifers at Sharperton.

The clerk was asked to make a representation to the licencing officer about the application for a music and dancing licence at The Holystone Lodge, Low Farnham, because of the potential nuisance to residents of the parish

6 Correspondence

The Parish Council Policing Updates Survey will be completed by the Chairman

7 Any other business

The pothole audit is ongoing and the cattle grid in Holystone will be included.

Sharperton common re-instatement – the council will monitor the situation and will lend its support if it becomes an issue.

Recompense for volunteer auditor: Clerk to buy flowers.

8 Date of next meeting – Parish Council Meeting Monday 2 September 2013 in the village hall