Date of next meeting

Monday September 2nd 2013 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Any member of the community is welcome to attend but they may not speak at a monthly meeting unless the meeting is adjourned in order to seek advice on any item on which a member of the public might be thought to have special knowledge.


Minutes of Meeting June 10th 2013

Minutes of the Harbottle Parish Council Meeting on Monday 10 June 2013

Present: Mr Stripp, Mrs Bolam, Mr Ormston, Mr Kenny.

1 Minutes of previous meeting 13 May 2013: Examined and the clerk was asked to add a note that the council had agreed to co-opt another councillor

2 Matters arising

Item 5: Insurance: cheque signed in the meeting.

Item 6: Follow up letter to be sent to the enforcement officer regarding rebuilding at the Conifers.

Item 7: All councillors have completed disclosure of interest forms.

Item 8: letter to police – Mr Stripp saw Sergeant Graham Vickers in person who said that the police are aware of the situation and there was no need for a letter.

Item 9: – website removal – Mr Stripp has spoken to Collie Dog computers who promised to see if they could remove the out-of-date website – which is still live. Mr Stripp agreed to put the clerk in touch with Mr Rayner who may be the person who can remove it.

Item 9: Mr Stripp reported that Mrs Pauline O’Kane is willing to be co-opted as a councillor and the clerk was asked to send her a formal invitation.

3 Finance

Bank Balance: £1410.78.

Any payments required: Zurich Municipal £132.50; NALC £56.07

The council agreed to pay the clerk quarterly and to look into using BACS and standing orders.

4 Planning

See matters arising.

5 Correspondence

The council will respond to the new parking plan for the county when it is received.

The council will respond to any new proposals for community transport when they are received.

Harbottle has not suffered flooding in the past so the council does not plan to participate in the new initiative for communities at risk.

9 Any other business

The council agreed to publicise the new website on the notice boards and in the newsletter.

It was noted that Snaith’s school bus is now parked overnight in the Forestry Commission car park as the council suggested.

The bad condition of the roads was noted and it was agreed that the council would carry out a survey in preparation for further action.

10 Date of next meeting Parish Council Meeting Monday 1 July 2013