Agenda for Meeting July 1st 2013 7.30pm

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Monday 1 July 2013 in the Village Hall.


 1/ Apologies for absence

2/ Minutes of previous meetings 10.06.13 and 13.05.13

3/ Matters arising

4/ Finance
Standing order to pay clerk

 5/ Planning

The Conifers Sharperton

 6/ Correspondence

Nothing outstanding

 7/ Any other business

Action on roads

Sharperton common re-instatement

Recompense for volunteer auditor

 8/ Date of next meeting



Minutes of Harbottle Parish Council Meeting 13/05/13


Present: Mr Stripp, Mrs Bolam, Mr Ormston, Mr Kenny.

1 Election of Chairman: Mr Stripp was elected Chairman

2 Election of Vice-Chairman: Mrs Bolam was elected Vice-Chairman

3 Minutes of previous meeting 4 March 2013: Examined and approved.

4 Matters arising None

5 Finance

Bank Balance £1410.78.

Any payments required None

Insurance: Two quotes for insurance had been received. The council agreed to accept the lower one from Zurich

6 Planning

12/03372/OUT at Sharperton – Outline permission has been granted under revised Government rules on sustainability

Enforcement at The Conifers, Sharperton. It was agreed to reply to the enforcement officer’s letter with an update on the current situation

7 Election 2013

Councillors to complete form for disclosure of interests within 28 days

8 Correspondence

A letter of thanks to be written to the retiring chairman, Mr Philipson

A letter to be written to the police about straying livestock on the road at Wood Hall

Information about the Three Valleys Fund and Love Northumberland awards to be posted on the notice boards

9 Any other business

Mrs Bolam nominated to the Northumberland National Park Authority

The council agreed to a new email address and website and will take steps to have the old website taken down

The council agreed to renew the subscription to NALC

It was agreed that the council should co-opt another councillor

10 Date of next meeting Monday 10 June 2013

Agenda for Harbottle Parish Council meeting Monday 10th June 2013

1/ Apologies for absence

2/ Minutes of previous meeting 13.05.13

3/ Matters arising

4/ Finance
Paying clerk quarterly

5/ Planning
Enforcement, the Conifers, Sharperton
Changes to the planning system

6/ Correspondence
Transport newsletter
Training DVD
Local parking plan
Community transport
Proposal to support areas at risk of flooding

7/ Any other business
Declarations of interest

8/ Date of next meeting