Meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 8 April 2013


1 Present.

Mrs Bolam, Mrs Fielding, Mr Ormston, Mr Philipson. Apologies Mr Stripp.

 2 Minutes of previous meeting 4 March 2013

Examined and approved.

 3 Matters arising


4 Finance
Bank Balance

Any payments required None

Audit Accounting statements for 2012/13 examined and approved.

Annual governance statement 2012/13 examined and approved

 5 Planning

 12/03372/OUT at Sharperton – Still pending.

Mast at Charity Hall Farm (Hepple Parish) Appeal in progress.

 6 Election 2013

 Declaration of acceptance will need to be signed by all Councillors at next meeting and witnessed by the Clerk

7 Correspondence

 CAN Newsletter distributed

 8 Any other business

 Margaret Ranken appointed Clerk

Thanks to Jane Scott, retiring Clerk.

 9 Date of next meeting – Annual Meeting and Parish Council Meeting

 Monday 13 May 2013